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  • Labour Policies in the DMP Model - A Theoretical Analysis
      Titas Kumar Bandopadhyay, Department of Economics, Bagnan College
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  • Synthesis and Nonlinear Properties of Inorganic Organic Hybrid Nanocomposites
      Kousik Dutta, Department of Physics, Behala College, Kolkata
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  • Glycosphingolipids and its pathobiological role in diseases
      Waliza Ansar, Department of Zoology, Behala College, Kolkata
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  • Through a Looking Glass: Envisioning a New Direction for the SAARC
      Bishnupriya Roy Choudhury, Department Of Political Science, Behala College, Kolkata
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  • Malgudi Days: Portraiture of Common Populace in Mundane World
      Sayantina Dutta, Department of English, Bishnupur Grihasree Sikshayatan for Girls
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